Thursday, May 31, 2012

Your "Must Have" Homeopathic Kit

I have been looking for a good homeopathic kit to have on hand for emergencies and every day life.

Homeopathics are excellent remedies to have on hand because not only are they quick and easy to use, they are inexpensive and last for years.  Many countries require some sort of expiration date, so you may see a date on your bottle, but that is often just a legal requirement.

Top 100 Remedies Kit
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I have just bought a kit recommended by my homeopath that you can find HERE.  It is a much better price at this website vs. amazon.

While homeopathics are easy to use and can be used without consulting a homeopath, I recommend finding a good homeopath in your area who can help you to know which homeopathic remedies are best for you to take for your unique situations.

My homeopath is wonderful and often available via email or phone when I have a question about how to use a remedy or will help me chose which remedy I need for a specific situation for no charge.

If you are unable to find a homeopath in your area there are two good books that I recommend:
     *The Family Guide to Homeopathy by Dr. Andrew Lockie which can be found HERE.
     *Homeopathy: An A to Z Home Handbook by Alan V. Schmukler which can be found HERE.

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