Monday, August 22, 2011

Arnica Spray...

Hylands carries a brand of arnica spray that is a must have in a home where you have kids.  Arnica is an herb that helps to prevent bruising.  I recommend the spray for children and you can pick it up for about $7.    You just want to be careful not to use it on broken skin, as the spray has alcohol in it and can be irritating or sting broken skin.
Last night my little boy smacked right into a hard wood corner with his forehead and started to bruise and swell right away.  I applied a few sprays of arnica to his forehead immediately.  The swelling was gone in a few hours and this morning he has only a small bruise.  SO much better than it would have been!  So, moms, keep a bottle handy and spray all those bumps and bruises!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Buying Local...

Here is a great read about why winter tomatoes don't taste like "real" tomatoes.  Take a minute to read through this article; it will certainly motivate you to buy local and organic.  I had no idea that there are 110 different fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides that are allowed to be used on tomatoes grown in Florida, many of them being some of the worst chemicals on the EPA list.

Just another reason to buy local and in season.  A great way you can save some of your summer tomato bounty is to dry them.  They will keep many of their nutrient this way and can be used many ways through the winter; in pastas, on pizza, as a pesto, or even pureed into a bean dip!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some reasons to buy organic food...

There are a lot of wonderful reasons to either buy or grow your own organic foods.  I thought I would discuss a few today, as organic food and gardening is a growing trend.

*Organic foods typically contain more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than conventionally grown foods.  This can also be true of heirloom varieties.  Sadly many conventionally grown items are bred to carry a long shelf life (which often means breeding out important enzymes).  The best way to ensure the highest level of nutrients is to grow it organically yourself or buy fresh and local organic produce.

*Organic produce is pesticide and chemical free.  This can be especially important for children, who are more susceptible to pesticides and chemicals, which can have significant health consequences.

*When it comes to meats, organic is so important.  You will be getting meat that is free from chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics.  The use of antibiotics in meat is especially disturbing and is helping to create antibiotic resistant bacteria.  This resistance is passed from the meat to the consumer and is only becoming an increased concern across the world as more and more antibiotic resistant bacteria is cropping up and antibiotics are becoming less effective.  Consumers must demand antibiotic free meat if they wish to help save the use of antibiotics for future generations (that and decrease their own dependence on antibiotics in lieu of more natural treatments like echinacea, oregon grape root, and goldenseal).

*Purchasing organic foods from your local farmer encourages the growth of local farms which will provide healthier food options and take better care of the land.  Organic farming practices are earth friendly and actually help to regenerate the earth.

*Buying organic produce will help to have less contaminants enter our water systems.  Our waterways are overflowing with chemicals, antibiotics, and pesticides from commercial farming.  As the demand for organic grows, this will decrease the demand for commercial and help to create cleaner, purer water.

These are just a few reasons to buy organic produce (local if possible!).  Take some time to visit your local farmer's markets!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vintage Remedies...

I am very happy to now be an affiliate with Vintage Remedies.  I like this company so much and have learned so much through each program I have studied.

Today, I would like to highlight the Family Herbalist Program.  To look at this program, simply click on the icon to the right and it will take you directly to Vintage Remedies.  In their menu, click on Programs and look under the Intermediate Section.

The Family Herbalist Program was written specifically with moms in mind.  This is an ideal program for moms who want to not only learn more about herbal treatments, but also about nutrition, immunizations,  safe home cleaners, essential oils, and more!  One section that is extremely helpful is a review of common childhood and adult illnesses and how to treat them using natural remedies, the scope is wide from fevers, to diarrhea, to blood pressure and diabetes.

There is no time limit for studying and going through this program.  If you need to take a few months off, that is no problem.  The information that you will learn will be invaluable.  And, you may be like me and love what you learn so much that you choose to pursue the other programs available.

So, moms, check out the Family Herbalist Program!  I know you will be thrilled with what you learn and just how much it will be used to help your family.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buying Seconds...

A great way to stretch the grocery budget is talking to your local farmer and asking about seconds or crop over production.  GREAT deals can be found this way and the surplus you get can be dehydrated, frozen, fermented, or canned to get through those winter months!