Thursday, May 8, 2014

Herbal Drawing Poultice

     The other morning I was changing my one year old's cloth diaper and noticed an angry red area about the size of a penny that had a small scratch in the middle of it on her little bottom.  It was slightly raised and though there was no white head, it did not look very nice.

     I immediately decided to try a drawing poultice to help heal the area and get rid of any possible infection that might be occurring.  I keep a lot of herbs on hand and it's times like these that I am grateful for the wide variety of herbs in my pantry.

     There are a number of herbs that can be used for this purpose, but these are the ones that I happened to have on hand.  This is approximately the recipe I made, as I was in a hurry and did not have time to do specific measurements.

One part:

*Marshmallow Root
*Comfrey Root
*Plantain Leaf
*Echinacea Root and Leaf Mixture
*Calendula Blossoms

These I put in a spice grinder and ground until they were of a powdery consistency.  To this I added:

One-half part:

*Goldenseal Root Powder
*Tumeric Root Powder

I added enough filtered water to make a paste.  I placed some on a waterproof bandaide and placed this over the reddened area....

Three hours later, the area completely down and there was just a trace of redness around the scratch.  I removed the bandaide, cleaned the area and applied a drop of tea tree oil.

Amazing the power of herbs!!  I did apply another drop or two of tea tree oil during the day and then at night placed a little of the paste on a cotton ball and placed that over the scratch.

I have also used this paste on my husband when he has had infected ingrown hairs with great success.

Disclaimer:  Please do not misconstrue this as medical advise.  With any medical condition, please seek the help of a physician with any medical questions or concerns that you might have.  I am not a physician, nor do I give medical advise, diagnose, or treat medical conditions.