Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why is Organic Dog Food Important? Sealogica for my Pets?

Did you know that some pets are now being contaminated and cross-contaminating their owners with anti-biotic resistant bacteria due to their conventional food supply?  Here is an interesting article by ABC news regarding this subject.

THIS article is a bit old, so I don't have the latest stats on what is now in conventional pet food, but it would surprise me if this has really changed at all.  Considering how poor the Standard American Diet is, I am not surprised to see how sad the state is with regards to conventional dog food.  THIS article was helpful, and I am considering trying some of their products.

Right now we are using Natural Balance Organic Dog food (and our dog gets plenty of veggies and meat from leftover table food).  I would love to add some raw, organic dog food into the mix - I just need time to research the brands!  Thankfully, our dog has been very healthy.

I have also started to add some Sealogica to his water.  Here is what the maker of Sealogica says about adding it to your pet's diet.

Sealogica is Great for Pets!

Studies show that animals get along better when they have the proper amounts of minerals. In fact, animals can be trained to act in certain ways simply by depriving them of vital minerals in their diet. Conversely, giving them the vitamins and minerals missing in their diet, has shown that animals who once were aggressive and fighting with one another became very friendly and started laying together.

A case in point: These cats lived together for more than 5 years, and hissed at one another, and didn't play together. They never slept together until after trying Sea Vegetables for only two weeks!  Now they play together and rarely if every fight and even eat from the same bowl.

Folk Lore: During the War the French Ministry of War experimented with regard to the value of seaweed as food for horses. A batch of twenty fed on the usual ration of oats and fodder gained eleven kilogrammes less in two months than a similar number fed on the same weight of seaweed. Another trial resulted in the cure of some sick horses fed on seaweed, while others fed on oats remained out of health.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Sealogica? Sealogica is a complete whole food, highly concentrated into a convenient easy to use liquid. Sealogica for Pets contains the proper combination of seven sea vegetables that provides every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and amino acid known to your pet, in a natural form that is easily absorbed and properly utilized.

2. What ingredients make up Sealogica for Pets?Sealogica for Pets is a proprietary blend of seven sea vegetables containing phytovitamins, macro and trace phytominerals, amino acids and enzymes. Containing no toxic residue, these sea vegetables are wild harvested from the coldest and purest seawater from around the world. 100% vegan. Gluten free. pH balanced. No preservatives.

3. What will Sealogica do for my pet/pets? All animals have different chemistries, genetics, make up, and physical conditions, emotional conditions and environmental conditions. Sealogica is an exclusive blend of seven sea vegetables that provides your pet exactly what it needs synergistically just as mother- nature intended, regardless of their breed or conditions. When a group of compounds in a vitamin complex are kept together your pet receives the correct amount and combination of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients in a natural, distinct consumable form that your pets' body recognizes making it one of the best nutritional supplements on the market.

4. Is Sealogica recommended for older pets? As your pets get older their ability to digest foods and assimilate nutrients lessen. We highly recommend Sealogica for senior pets because it provides nutrients in a natural liquid form that your pets' body will recognize. Research has shown the nutrients and benefits of whole foods cannot be replicated. Sea Vegetables are rich in iodine and that plays a vital role in restoring a healthy metabolism rate, treating thyroid disorders, arthritis, joint pain, digestive disorders and much more.

5. How do you compare Sealogica to "Traditional Supplements"? Nutritionist Judith De Cava could not have said it better, "Separating the group of compounds (in a vitamin complex) converts it from a physiological, biochemical, active micronutrient into a disabled, debilitated chemical of little or no value to living cells. The synergy is gone." Your traditional supplements in the market place today only have to be 10% natural to make this claim, most are synthetic! They are made with isolated nutrients causing your pets body not to recognize it, treating it like a foreign substance. Your pets' body then excretes what it does not recognize and can sometimes cause adverse effects.Sealogica is a whole food. Nutrients within whole food are not isolated and work together synergistically enabling the vitamin complex to do its job for optimum nutrition.

6. Does my pet need to take any other multi-vitamin, mineral supplement or traditional supplement? No.Sealogica contains the proper combination of seven sea vegetables that provides every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and amino acid that your pet needs. If your pet has health challenges larger quantities may be necessary. Remember most traditional supplements are synthetic and make the supplement disabled giving your pet little or no value which can contribute to negative long-term side effects.

7. Is Sealogica SAFE? Absolutely! Sealogica is safe because it is a whole food wild harvested oceanic treasure coming from the least toxic, polluted and chemically compromised environment on earth. Sea Vegetables are unrivaled in nutrients and cannot compare to any land plant.

8. Why sea vegetables? Sea vegetables contain thousands of discovered and undiscovered nutrients that contribute to complex functions that prevent disease and overall wellness. Land vegetables are farmed in soils that researchers have found to be up to 85% depleted robbing food of it's important nutrients. The pristine waters where these selected ingredients come from are free from herbicides, pesticides and heavy metal contamination and are in a constant state of nutrient enrichment.
The information and products provided are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Suggested Pet Dosage:  
1 ml/day for small - medium animals (1#-30#)
2-3 ml/day for medium & large animals (30#-100#)
mix with water or in food.
Please consult a health professional before undertaking any new health regime for your pets.

(Featured on the Healthy Home Economist)

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