Monday, January 6, 2014

Fever Reducer....Apple Cider Vinegar!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their New Year!  We had a lovely Christmas and New Years and a little bump to our start of the new year with my four year old coming down with a stomach bug.  Thankfully, it seems to have bypassed the rest of us and it was a very quick stomach virus.

As always, I learned something new as I was helping my little guy.  This bug presented with a sore throat, fever, and then the vomiting.  Thankfully, the fever only lasted about 10 hours and never went over 102.

As I have discussed before, a fever is often a good sign that the body is fighting off a bug, so as parents, we want to keep an eye on it, but not try to reduce it right away.  It's good to support the body through the fever if it's not getting too high.  Lowering the fever right away using tylenol often hurts the body, not allowing it to kill off the bacteria and can sometime account for repeat illness or infections.

Since my son's fever was not getting too high, I worked to support his body with fluids like coconut water, elder flower and spearmint tea, and cool water.  I also learned from my friend, Lydia, at Divine Health, From the Inside Out, about using apple cider vinegar to help support and reduce fever.  I used this when the fever reached 102.  We always have a supply of apple cider vinegar in our home and I always seem to find another amazing use for it!

Always learning something new!!  I hope you all find this helpful as you care for your family through this cold and flu season.