Friday, May 25, 2012

Whole Foods Friday - Sealogica

It's Whole Foods Friday!  Today I am going to share about a raw, whole foods supplement that I am now using for our family and selling to those interested.


Yesterday, I did a post you can read here, about Sealogica, which includes the benefits and the types of seaweeds used to make this product.

I always encourage people to get their nutrients from whole food sources and to avoid standard or synthetic multivitamins which the body cannot utilize or has a difficult time using.  It's tough to find good whole food sources for concentrated intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

I was thrilled when my holistic practitioner started me on Sealogica.  I am now off of almost every supplement that I was taking!  I do still take a greens mix and EFA and cod liver oil a few times a week.  Other than that I have me and my family on Sealogica.

You can place your order using paypal on my website for the single bottle and the three pack.  If you would like a case, please call me at 301-233-2840 so I can make arrangements for the distributor to send the case directly to your home.


Here is a quick description from the maker:

Sealogica is a raw whole food blend of 7 wild-harvested sea vegetables, harvested from the coldest waters from around the world in their region of origin. The Sealogica synergistic blend of sea vegetables contains every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral, and amino acid in nature’s perfect balance - plus enzymes, antioxidants, avonoids and many other powerful nutrients found in nature, required for ultimate health.

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