Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Tea to Help Eczema

My two year's old eczema has started to flare up a bit in little patchy areas on his legs.  Thankfully, it does not seem to bother him, but I know it's time to work on a little cleanse for him.

Interestingly enough, when he gets his sauerkraut and other fermented foods, it helps clear his eczema and the yeast he gets behind his knees.  We have just not had as much fermented food around since I am in the process of switching to my Harsch Crock and Pickl-it jars.  Can't wait to get more fermented food back in this house!

When my son's eczema does flare, I use a blend of homemade tea that contains burdock root, yellow dock root, and dandelion root.  Nettle leave and dandelion leaf can be added as well.  I also use some echinacea, and am giving him this (along with the nettle) in a glycerite form made for children by a brand called Herbs for Kids.  These herbs are helpful in relieving the flare-ups and some (the root herbs, especially) help to cleanse the blood and support the liver which will help to get rid of toxins that might be contributing to his flare up.  

Photo Credit: www.organic-herbal-remedies.com

I always like to start with a very low dose for a few days and see how things go before increasing any of the herbs.

I highly recommend using Mountain Rose Herbs when buying your herbs.  I have been using them for years and appreciate how fresh their herb arrive and their excellent customer service.

With children, you always have to be careful when administering herbs, being sure to figure out their correct dose.  There are a number of ways to do this, and THIS website lists two formulas that you can use.

Teas are generally a safe way to administer herbs to your children.  I simply give my son his dose in a little bit of juice when it's very strong herbs like burdock and yellow dock, and I just dilute them in water if they are more mild like nettle leaf or oat straw.

I do recommend consulting with a certified, trained herbalist before you start to administer herbs to your children, especially if you are making your own teas.  

Another thing that I will be trying is using chickweed and making a chickweed bath for him.  And of course, loading him up with fermented foods once they are ready!

Disclaimer:  Please note that I am not a licensed medical professional. I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any illness or health issue. The information or advice provided here should not be construed as medical advice, and the FDA has not evaluated the herbs and essential oils discussed on this blog. If you chose to use any of the herbal or natural remedies discussed, you will be taking responsibility for your own health and wellness.

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  1. I am a certified herbalist and you are right about the fermented foods. My boy who suffers from eczema I've found that adding more sourdough to his life helps him and of course taking out such things as processed noodles and breads or at least diminishing them helps. This is a great post! Come by and visit me on my blog.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Jenifer. It's great to know that it's not just my imagination and that the cultured foods really do help!

  3. Just shared on FB. I love the liver support you give here! Stay in touch!!!

    1. Thanks Adrienne! I really appreciate your sharing my post!

  4. Any alternatives or tea brands if you aren't into making your own tea?

  5. I recommend buying your herbs and making your tea yourself. Mountain Rose Herbs is the source I use and recommend to others. You will save a LOT of money making your own tea and you will also be using herbs that are fresh. It is hard to know how fresh store bought teas are - many have been sitting on shelves for a long time, thereby decreasing their medicinal value significantly. I think you will be surprised just how inexpensive it is to make your own teas.

  6. Many people have found that there Eczema is the result of a food allergy. They removed grains, dairy and legumes from there diet and found that there skin cleared up and stayed clear.