Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cultured Mondays - Roasted Chicken and Salted, Cultured Lemons

It's Cultured Mondays and today I have a recipe for a tasty way to use the Salted, Cultured Lemons I posted a number of weeks back.  These lemons are delicious and using the Meyer lemons allows you eat the lemons whole, skins and all.

I roasted an heirloom variety chicken that I bought from my local organic chicken farmer.  To use the lemons, I simply diced one and sprinkled it over the roasted chicken.  The intense salt, lemon taste really complemented the chicken.  My husband loved this and now I have a yummy, easy way to use these delicious lemons!

How are your fermenting and culturing goals going?  We are really enjoying our daily use of cultured and fermented foods.  This morning I threw some of my cultured ginger and cultured tangerines into our morning smoothie.  So good!!

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  1. I haven't fermented or cultured anything yet, but I (unofficially) made my goals this morning! Tomorrow I am going to start my sauerkraut to get the ball rolling! I have also found a farm where I can buy low temp pasteurized milk ~ I am so looking forward to making homemade kefir & yogurt!