Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Make an Aromatic Hand Salve

Making your own aromatic hand salve is easy and fun.  Here is a basic recipe, but feel free to make yours a little firmer (add more beeswax) or more slippery (add more oil).

For this recipe you will need:

*3/4 cup of olive oil
*1 ounce of beeswax
*one 8 ounce darkened glass containers (Mountain Rose Herbs carries THESE)
*Spring time blend:
               ~24 drops lavender essential oil
               ~24 drops sweet orange essential oil
               ~12 drops ylang ylang
(You need to be sure that you are using essential oils that are organic and high quality to avoid pesticide or inferior oil contamination which can cause reactions to oils.  I have listed on my blog a few places that carry high quality oils, which include Mountain Rose Herbs.)

In a glass pot, heat oil and beeswax on medium heat until beeswax is melted, then remove from heat immediately.  Remove the lid from your glass jar.  Add your essential oils to your jar and place lid back on the jar.  Gently roll jar in your hands for 30-45 seconds to allow the essential oils to blend, forming a synergy.  Your oil and beeswax should still be melted at this point, but if it has hardened at all, gently reheat, then pour over your blend.  Use a wood skewer or handle of a plastic spoon to stir your blend together.  Stir thoroughly to blend the essential oils into the olive oil and beeswax.  Allow to harden.  Use as needed for dry hands.

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  1. Shared on Google Plus! Thanks for this recipe! Love making my own everything! Great gifts too! :-)