Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vintage Remedies Family Herbalist Program

I have a wonderful course I would like to highlight today called the Family Herbalist, by Vintage Remedies.  I have personally been through this course and it laid the foundation to continue my studies in the Clinical Master Herbalist Course.    The Family Herbalist has been written especially with moms and homemakers in mind (though this course is perfect for anyone who wants to have a basic working knowledge of herbs and holistic, natural practices), and can easily be fit into a busy schedule.
Jessica Hawkins, at Vintage Remedies, has written the Family Herbalist course as a self study program that can be done at the pace of your choosing.  This is ideal for busy moms.  This course covers a natural health philosophy, a basic knowledge of herbal medicine, prevention in the home, adult and children's common illnesses and how to treat them, vaccines, nutrition, aromatherapy, and more!  

What you learn in this course will be invaluable healthy habits that you can pass on to your own family.  My family has personally benefited from all that I learned through this course and this course inspired me to continue my studies to be a Clinical Master Herbalist through Vintage Remedies.  

Most complete this course in 12-16 months of study.  To learn more and to enroll in the Family Herbalist Course, please click HERE.

(Please note that I am an affiliate for Vintage Remedies.  Any purchase you make via my website will help with the costs of maintaining and running this blog.  I share about and recommend this course because I have personally taken and benefitted from it.  Thank you!)

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