Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watermelon Link Love!

It's summer and one fun summertime treat is watermelon.  I bought a watermelon this week and wanted to find some creative recipes to try.  Avoid those pesticides if you can and try to grow your own or buy one organic.

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I was thrilled to find this recipe from Melanie at PickleMeToo, fellow Nourishing Living Network, contributor:  Fermented Watermelon Rind.  This is a great way to get even more yumminess out of your watermelon!

Here are a few other great ideas for using the watermelon.  I can't wait to try some of these out...

Watermelon Muffins (I would leave out the food coloring and cut the sugar in half, using sucanat instead)

* Melon-and-Mozzarella Salad

* Sweet, Salty, Spicy Watermelon Refresher Recipe

* Tomato-and-Watermelon Salad 

* Beet Watermelon Soup

* Watermelon Pudding

Do you have any fun ways that you like to use watermelon?

(Featured on The Nourishing Gourmet)

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