Thursday, July 19, 2012

Traveling and Supplements

Traveling can be fun, but sometimes, it can be stressful for the body.  I brought a number of supplements along on this trip to help keep us healthy and happy on this trip.

For my husband and myself, I brought a greens mix, our Sealogica, some vit. C, powdered colostrum, and a few of my regular supplements I take.

For my son, I brought almost all his Herbs for Kids products; Allergy Relief, Echinacea, Temp Assure, and one for colds.  I was so glad to have these on hand as he had an outbreak of his eczema and was sniffily here and there, so he had a boost of echinacea (we all did as a matter of fact!)

I also brought some essential oils for us to use on the trip.  Lavender and sweet orange for a good night's rest, lemon as a disinfectant in case that was needed for the room, and ginger in case of a sore throat.  I also had some tea tree oil to use as needed for disinfecting.

Thankfully, expect for the eczema flare up, we all stayed healthy!

We did not fly on this trip, but drove.  If we had flown, I would have done the following:

*Echinacea a few days before and after the flight.
*A drop or two of lemon essential oil on a cotton ball to keep on the seat tray during the flight.
*A natural disinfecting spray to have on hand and would have wiped down the tray tables since I have a toddler.

*A drop or two of lavender essential oil if my toddler was having trouble sitting still.

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