Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cultured Mondays - Yellow Squash Pickles

It's Cultured Mondays again!  I thought I would give you just a little peek into my life...We returned from a lovely vacation at Lake Tahoe.  It was so peaceful and relaxing and I can't wait to go back again!

This week I decided to try to ferment some yellow squash we received this week in our co-op.  I have really enjoyed using my new pickl-it jars and highly encourage the use of these jars for fermenting, as they provide an anaerobic environment that will produce a safe fermented product (I do not get compensated for encouraging the use of pickl-it jars.  I am just a very satisfied customer.)

For this recipe I used:

*3 mediums sized yellow squashes
*14 small garlic cloves, lightly crushed by hand
*1 handful of fresh dill
*2.5% brine (15 grams of fine pink salt to 3 cups of water)
*1 1/2 liter pickl-it jar

Wash the squash, garlic cloves, and fresh dill.  Slice the squash into pickle like slices.  Place squash, garlic, and dill into jar.  Pour over brine and fill until it hits the jar's shoulder.  Allow to sit in a dark place (like a kitchen cabinet)  for about three days or until bubbling slows.  Ferments do best at about 70 degrees, so since we are in the summer heat, try to find a cool spot in your home and check your ferment frequently
My jar is just slightly overfilled

Ready to brew!

(Featured on the Healthy Home Economist, Homestead Revival, Real Food Forager, GNOWFLGINS, A Little Nosh, Beyond the Peel, Nourishing Gourmet, Food Renegade)


  1. Isn't Tahoe wonderful? I live in Reno, so Tahoe is only about an hour's drive away and I feel so fortunate for that :)

  2. What is on top of your jar in the last picture? Do you pressure cook them or just let them ferment?

  3. The jar that I use is a pickl-it jar. You can find them at They are a safe way to ferment and create an anaerobic environment, which a simple mason jar cannot do. If you would like more information please leave another comment.