Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fruit Flavored Water - Make Your Own Vitamin Water; Part 2

I found this idea at The Yummy Life.  You can make your own vitamin water using fresh fruits and herbs.  The Yummy Life has a number of different recipes, or you can create your own (like I did!), with what you have on hand.   According to Monica, at The Yummy Life, the fruit will last for three days.  This water seems to get better the long it sits.  I just keep refilling the jars as we drink the water, and I leave them in the fridge so they stay nice and cold.

I chose not to put ice in my water because we filter our water before we drink it and I cannot make filtered water ice cubes fast enough to fill these jars.  I simply use this stainless steel funnel strainer when I pour out the water.  (I love this strainer by the way; great for filtering tea, too!)

When the three days is up, try adding the fruit to a smoothie (except of course things like citrus, that have the peel - remove that before consuming).

No more boring water around here!  And talk about pretty!  I love opening the fridge and seeing all those colors; I just can't get enough water these days...

For more combinations, check out the post at The Yummy Life.

The combinations I used in these jars from left to right:  orange and lemon with lemon verbena, strawberries, blueberries, and cucumber with mint and sage, white peach with lemon verbena.

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  1. THANKS! I have been trying to recreate HINT water to save money...I couldnt get my blackberry water to come close AT ALL! But I never thought about letting it sit for a few days! THANK YOU for posting!