Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cultured Mondays - Cucumber Pickles with Garlic

It's Cultured Mondays again!  What do you have fermenting in your home today?  I love using all my fermented items as condiments and snacks throughout the day.  Right now we are enjoying my cultured carrots, zucchini and radish pickles, green beans, and white peaches.

Today I have my cucumber pickles culturing.  I loosely followed Wardeh Hammond's recipe in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods.  I did not follow the exact measurements, but just used what I had on hand.

I added a bunch of pickling cucumbers (and 2 large cucumbers cut into chunks), 1 head of garlic (cloves smashed a little), 1/2 tsp of black tea leaves, 1 large bunch of dill, and a 3.5% salt brine to my new 5L pickl-it jar.  I'm going to let these brew 3-7 days and see how I like them!  As you can see, even with the glass weights, I still have a few floaters, but I'm not too worried since they are in a pickl-it jar.

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