Thursday, January 5, 2012

Practical Herbalism

I recently bought this book for my library.  It is becoming a quick favorite.  This would be a great purchase for those who are just beginning their herbal journey and also for those advanced in herbalism. I like this book because it is beautifully laid out, gives a brief history of herbalism and why it is not practiced in our country, defines herbal actions, and then gives a detailed description of about 46 herbs along with how to take each herb in it's various forms...WITH DOSAGES!  It is difficult to find herbal books that give specific dosages of herbs.

Here is a favorite quote from this book:

     "All across our country, in fact, there is a fresh awakening of interest in herbs and other natural remedies.  Millions of our citizens, with motives ranging from simple curiosity to absolute desperation, are also searching for alternatives for their health concerns.  Many will likewise find the answers they seek in the natural gifts of a loving Creator-gifts that have been there all along...Every corner of the inhabited earth has been gifted with these botanical and natural resources, and the variety is as boundless as Creation itself...We can nurture and use this vast apothecary with gratitude and respect, destroy it through our ignorance, or ignore and abandon it through our arrogance.  It is our choice."

(This book can be purchased on amazon - click on the amazon link on the right.)

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