Monday, January 9, 2012

Lifefactory Glass Bottles, Sippys, and Adult-on-the-Go

I've been through a number safe drinking container options, both for me and my husband and for our little boy.  I have finally found the option that I think is the safest and fits the best for my family.  It is the Lifefactory drinking options, which are all glass.
9 oz Glass Baby Bottles

                                                              (photo credit: Lifefactory)

Lifefactory has glass baby bottle, sippy cups, and adult drinking bottles (and have just come out with an adult flip-cap version).  Some of you may be - with a TODDLER?  I was just as skeptical and had a few other glass bottles break from other companies, but I have been using the Lifefactory glass bottles and now the sippy cups for over a year with no breakage.  And we have wood and ceramic tile floors through out home to boot!  The silicon sleeve is excellent and has been the best protective barrier I have seen.

I am happy that they have come out with the flip top for adults and plan to try a few of these, as I only have their screw tops.  All these bottles are easy to clean and dishwasher safe, including the sleeve.  I have been much happier with these than the stainless steel I was previously using (it seems like the lining of the inside of some of the bottles was breaking down).  These bottles can be bought on amazon for a few dollars less than buying them on the Lifefactory website.

                                                              (photo credit: amazon)
     Lifefactory 22-Ounce Beverage Bottle


  1. I got two of these for Christmas for my baby! They're actually the only two bottles we have. I really want her to get breastfeeding down though before I give them to her. But I've heard great things about them!!

  2. I love this glass bottles. Thanks!...