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Homeopathic Cell Salts - Help Balance Your Body

The following is a wonderful post about the homeopathic cell salts from 1-800-Homeopathy.  I regularly use these for treating our family.  They are an inexpensive way to help your body remain balanced and to support the healing process.  Take some time to look through their website - they have a lot of wonderful remedies.

Tissue Salts: balancing support from the inside out

Tissue Salts, also commonly referred to as "Cell Salts" are a group of homeopathic remedies made from the basic mineral compounds that cells in the body depend on, such as calcium and potassium compounds.  Other names used to describe this sub-set of homeopathic remedies include "Schuessler Tissue Salts", and "Biochemic Tissue Salts".

The Importance of Tissue Salts

Tissue Salts stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to satisfy mineral deficiencies and imbalances. In his biochemic theory, Dr. Schuessler, the discoverer of Tissue Salts, states that deficiencies in these minerals are the source of most common health problems and that the Tissue Salts derived from these minerals give the body what it needs to prevent and treat illness. With today’s reliance on highly processed foods, keeping a healthy balance of minerals in the body is a major challenge. Tissue Salts can be part of a healthy daily regimen.

Facts about Homeopathic Tissue Salts

• A simple system based on Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemic Theory that helps the body assimilate and balance 12 vital  mineral nutrients.
• Homeopathic Tissue Salts are made from the minerals that cells require every day.
• Homeopathic Tissue Salts are specially formulated in homeopathic microdoses, making them safe for the whole family including children over one year of age.
• Safe to use with other medications.
• Available as easy-to-use, quickdissolving tablets.

Ideal for Self-Care and Safe for the Whole Family

Homeopathic Tissue salts give families the flexibility and assurance of safety to treat minor health issues quickly and effectively. As they will not react with other medications, Homeopathic Tissue Salts complement any health plan. More and more healthcare practitioners are embracing Tissue Salts for natural, self-care options for their patients. Parents can rely on homeopathic tissue salts to help solve their children’s minor health issues before they may become more serious. They are perfect for children because they taste good, are easy to use, work very well with children’s very responsive health systems, and are perfectly safe by themselves or in combination with other therapies. Effective in stimulating fast healing responses, homeopathic tissue salts relieve and speed recovery to resolve common problems such as colds, flu, earaches, and other ailments. Kids love their faintly sweet taste and how quickly the tablets dissolve on the tongue as well. Try them with your children and you will agree!
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The 12 Homeopathic Tissue Salt Remedies

Calc fluor - the elasticity expert
Varicose Veins • Hemorrhoids • Stretch Marks  • Joint Pain • Growth & Repair
Calc phos - building block cell salt
Growing pains • Bone Growth & Repair • Weakness • Digestion • Joint Pains • Teething
Calc sulph  - sinus and skin cell salt
Cleansing Support • Skin Sores & Wounds • Colds & Congestions • Yellow Mucus
Ferrum phos - the inflammatory cell salt
Acute Fever • Colds • Fatigue • Throbbing Pain • Redness • Pale Skin
Kali mur - a cleansing cell salt
Colds • Sinus & Ear Congestion • Acne • Thrush • Indigestion • White Mucus/Discharge
Kali phos - nerve nutrient cell salt
Nerve Pain • Headaches • Ear Noise • Anxious Nerves • Sadness • Restless Sleep
Kali sulph - deep cleansing cell salt
Colds & Congestions • Skin Issues • Yellow Mucus/Discharges • Indigestion • Joint Pain
Mag phos - anti-spasm cell salt
#1 for Cramps & Spasms • Leg & Menstrual Cramps • Radiating Nerve Pain • Sciatic Pain • Colic
Natrum mur - restorative cell salt
Colds • Sinus • Dryness •Grief & Emotional Stress • Sleeplessness • Headaches
Natrum phos - the antacid cell salt
Acidity • Gas & Indigestion • Muscle & Joint Stiffness • Headaches • Indifferent Fatigue
Natrum sulph - a cleansing cell salt
Nausea • Biliousness • Sick Headache • Joint Pain • Damp Conditions • Sadness
Silicea - the "grit" cell salt
Skin • Acne, Sores & Splinters • Scar Tissue • Sinus Congestion • Constipation  

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