Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fermented Foods Link Love

This week I am going to post some links to recipes by some of my fellow Nourished Living Network bloggers.  These all look delicious and I can't wait to try them out!

In case you missed this recipe last week, here is my post about culturing watermelon rind, using my friend Melanie's recipe, from Pickle Me Too.   It is so yummy - my toddler is a big fan.

KerryAnn from Cooking Traditional Foods, discusses the importance of how to use salt in your ferments.  This is an extremely helpful post for all fermenters to read.

This recipe for Beet Kvass, is next on my list to try along with Water Kefir!  Lydia, a wonderful nutritional therapist, gives us her recipe for this healthy, probiotic rich drink on her website Divine Health from the Inside Out.  

I can't wait to get my fresh water kefir grains from Lydia (above!), so that I can use this recipe from Patty at Loving Our Guts for making water kefir.  This fermented drink is delicious and I am looking forward to getting my family drinking it every day!

Melanie at Pickle Me Too, has this delicious looking recipe for red onions.  I can't wait to try these as we are big onion lovers in our home.

The Hybrid Rasta Mama has a humorous, but informative post about safe practices when it comes to fermenting.  This is an excellent post to read whether you are a fermenting pro, just getting started, or just want to know what it's all about!

If you love carrots, you have to try this fermented garlic and dill carrot recipe.  This looks delicious and I am looking forward to trying this one out as a snack food for the family.

The wonderful thing is that these are all recipes using safe, anaerobic fermentation practices that will protect your ferments from molds and produce delicious tasting ferments every time!  If you have any questions about why I use the pickl-it for my ferments, feel free to leave a comment below.  You can also read THIS post I wrote a couple of weeks back about why I have switched over to using the pickl-it exclusively.

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