Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cultured Mondays - Green Bean "Pickles"

We have been swimming in green beans the past few weeks.  I wanted to make something a little different than just plain salt brine with these, so I added pickling spices and boy, these came out good!

Green Bean Pickles

*5 L Pickl-it
*4-5 pounds green beans
*2-3 fresh stems dill
*1 T yellow mustard seed
*1 T brown mustard seed
*1 T coriander seed
*1 T peppercorns
*1 tsp cardamom pods
*10 cloves
*3 cinnamon sticks
*4-6 dried bay leaves
(If you do not have these individual spices, you can use 4 T pickling spices.)
2% brine (19g salt to 4 cups water)

Wash off the green beans and remove the stem end.  Pack densely into the pickl-it.  Add spices, and lastly the brine.  Place airlock and leave in a dark, cool place for about 3 days, or until bubbling stops.  The ideal fermenting temperature is around 70 degrees, so in warmer weather, they may be done sooner and if it is cool, then leave out for an extra day.

Enjoy!  These are great for dipping, chopped on salads, or just plain!

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