Thursday, March 8, 2012

Forbidden Rice - High in Antioxidants

I think forbidden rice is the most beautiful rice I have seen and it is my favorite to serve our family.  According to Lotus Foods, who sells organic forbidden rice, this rice is extremely high in antioxidants called anthocyanins.  This rice is also high in iron and is considered to be a blood tonifier.  It has the highest number of minerals, vitamins, and fiber of any rice.  You can read more HERE about the forbidden rice.

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I love to cook this up for almost any recipe that I would use regular rice.  You can find a whole list HERE of different recipes for forbidden rice.  I have found the best price to be on amazon, buying the 11 pound bag, and using their subscribe and save program.  I know that Amazon Prime members will get free shipping.  Just click on my amazon link to the right to check it out.  Once you try this rice, it will be hard to go back to "ordinary" rice!

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  1. For now the dr has us staying away from rice, too. As soon as we are given the "go ahead" I would love to try this!