Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book Review: Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

One of the books I have been assigned to read for my Clinical Master Herbalist program is Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics by Dr. John McKenna.  I highly recommend this book, no matter what season of life you find yourself, and especially if you are raising children.

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

As a former nurse, I have seen first hand the rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria and took care of many patients suffering from this issue.  It is sobering to see the increasing numbers and more virulent strains of bacteria making their appearance.

Thankfully, there is still hope if enough of us start to make the appropriate changes in how and when we use antibiotics; and this includes dietary intake as well.  A large contributing piece to this problem is the vast amounts of antibiotics used meat and dairy production.  The other large contributing piece is the frequent distribution of antibiotics by physicians and the large number of requests from patients.

In order to make a change in this area, it is important to educate ourselves.  Dr. McKenna's book will do just that and I am sure that you will not look at antibiotics in the same light once you finish reading.

The first section of this book discusses the history, effects, use, abuse, and bacterial resistance to antibiotics.  He ends this section on a hopeful note: a more prudent use of antibiotics will result in bacterial change and lead to reduced bacterial resistance.

The next section discusses the treatment of childhood illness, with many personal experiences.  I appreciate that Dr. McKenna discusses the use of both herbal and homeopathic medicine.  I enjoy using both these sources of holistic medicine in my home and learned a lot reading through this section.

He ends the book discussing nutritional and bacterial supplements (probiotics) as well as the healthy diet.  He also writes a brief chapter about stress and it's effects on the immune system.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and learned a tremendous amount.  I particularly liked his approach to treating childhood illnesses.  I also liked the fact that he supports antibiotic use when appropriate, but encourages a natural approach to illness first.

You can purchase this book HERE.  I am an amazon affiliate and appreciate any traffic to their site from my blog, as it helps to support my site.

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  1. So far I am not planning to take my natural health education that far, but I WOULD love to read this book!! Doctors are so quick to hand out antibiotics & those meds really start to take a toll on our bodies. Thank you for sharing this!

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