Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Two Herbal Books for Children

There are two books that I would like to recommend for treating children with herbs, homeopathy, and essential oils.  I have both of these books and they are my first "go to" for my son.  Between the two of them, they cover just about every childhood problem/illness you could imagine.

I believe that the first treatments we should turn to should be natural remedies and if these don't work, then use medicines that the medical community would recommend.  I have 10 years of  nursing experience to see that we live in the age of antibiotic and medication overuse that are starting to show some very devastating results.  So, try some gentle healing first and these books will be able to help you get started.  You can buy both these books through my amazon store link...just click on the Amazon store link just to the right and it will take you right to amazon - thank you!

Gentle Healing for Baby and Child by Andrea Candee
This book covers both herbal and a few homeopathic treatments in the form of cell salts and Bach Flower Remedies.  I appreciate that she has a guide for dosing children so that you are able to figure out what dose of herb your child needs very easily.  It's hard to find dosing instructions in most herbal books.

Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child by Valerie Ann Worwood
This book covers aromatherapy treatments for children starting as young as infants.  What I found particularly helpful in this book is a chart telling just what oils can be used and what age the child needs to be, a list of oils she recommends having on hand, and very specific dosing instructions.

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