Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simple and Delicious Herbal Syrups

I found this idea on a blog for making delicious herbal syrups.  I love the creativity that is involved and having the simple syrup base will make even the medicinal syrups tasty!   These are inexpensive to make and perfect for cold and flu season when using herbs like elderberry and echinacea.  Herbs can be bought in bulk inexpensively at Mountain Rose Herbs.

I made a delicious chai syrup yesterday using these proportions:  2 cups water, 2 cups sucanat, 6 crushed cinnamon sticks, 1/3c crushed cardamon pods, 1 T cloves, 1 tsp anise seeds, 1 tsp crushed peppercorns, 1 tsp licorice root, and 1 T dried ginger root.  It tastes amazing!  I plan on buying little jars and giving this away as Christmas presents this year.  This syrup can be used on ice cream, in black tea, on oatmeal, in coffee, on pancakes...and more!  It's tasty, but also a healthful syrup, with all the vast health benefits of all the spices used.

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