Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kombucha's Brewin'!!

Well, the big day finally came!!  My beautiful Kombucha crock arrived along with my supply kit (I ordered one of the continuous brew packages from Kombucha Kamp, which included everything that I needed to get started).  I decided to do what is called a continuous brew method rather than a batch method since I want Kombucha on tap all the time.  For those of you who are new to Kombucha, feel free to read all about it at the Kombucha Kamp website.  Kombucha is a wonderful way to get probiotics into your family in a healthy, yummy drink!

Some of the products included in my package
My excited helper
I took some time to review the videos that came with the package and read over all the instructions so that I was completely prepared - a must for this post-partum brain!

I am so glad that I ordered the package with my Kombucha crock, because it made everything very quick and easy.  I highly recommend going this route, especially for beginners.  Hannah, at Kombucha Kamp, packed everything up beautifully, along with an extra set of instructions (the package comes with a year access to her videos and a very detailed ebook full of helpful information).  I loved having that extra set of paper instructions, but I loved even more being able to watch the videos.  These made me feel much more comfortable with the process.  They are short, quick, and easy to watch and understand. 

Here is my beautiful crock!  I bought the green one, but as you can see, it has a beautiful blending of greens, blues, and browns.  I know the photos are a bit over exposed, but I wanted to give you readers an idea of the colors in this crock.

So, next step...wait 7-10 days and give it the first taste test.  I can't wait!   Then a post on second ferments and how to flavor your Kombucha!

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