Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Fresh Herbal Honeys!

With all the raw honey I just bought and the fresh herbs growing in our yard, I could not resist putting up some fresh herbal honeys today.

My son and I made four kinds: rosemary, lavender, applemint, and spearmint.  We loosely filled our jars with our herbs (you can chop them if you like), then poured the honey over the herbs.

My very happy helper!

We used some glass stirrers to poke the herbs down in the honey and help remove as many of the air bubbles as we could.  We then topped the jars off with more honey.

The jars were then labeled and capped and will sit out 2-6 weeks in a sunny window.  These will disappear fast, I know, but these fresh honeys will not keep as long as ones made with dried herbs.  

The leftover mint was placed in a jar and set out in the sun today - mint tea tonight!  Yum!

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