Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Herbal Medicine For Women...

I'm a little crazy sometimes!

But, when I found out about this amazing opportunity to study with Aviva Romm (one my favorite herbalist/MD's) a few weeks back, I just could not turn it down.  I was able to sign up with a substantial discount and despite having a new little one and busy 3 year old, I just had to sign up with Aviva.

So, my study journey continues.  I am still enrolled in The East West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies to be a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, and now with Aviva's school, I will enjoy a specialized herbal degree in Herbal Medicine for Women.  I have also recently graduated from Vintage Remedies with a Master Herbalist Degree.  (Can you tell that I LOVE to learn!).  And, once I graduate from Aviva's School, I will be signing up with Michael Tierra to finish up my herbal degrees and obtain a much desired apprenticeship.

I am so excited about the quality of education through Aviva's School and would encourage my female readers to take a look!  This program is for everyone, from women who just want to learn more about taking care of their bodies, to the professional herbalist, midwife, doctor, etc.

Life is VERY full and busy right now but I do hope still be able to post once or twice a week.  If you find things, once again, a bit quiet, please know that I am either taking care of my little ones or busy studying!

And, by the way, I strained my herbal honeys today and they are amazing!!!  I think the applemint and lavender are my favorites.

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