Friday, June 21, 2013

Herbal Honeys...

I just bought 50 pounds of raw honey.  It's lovely and so delicious and goes quickly in this house!  I am having fun trying all kinds of herbal honey concoctions and made lavender infused honey and garlic honey this morning.  (Click on the lavender infused honey and it will take you to a video by Mountain Rose Herbs on how to make this honey.)

The lavender honey will be lovely in the evenings in a nice cup of tea, infusing it's relaxing qualities and helping to promote a good night of sleep (not that I have that right now with an 8 week old!)  You can find dried lavender flowers at Mountain Rose Herbs, where I buy almost all my herbs.

The garlic honey I will keep on hand as a tonic, for times we get sick, and to use on wounds or bug bites.  The shelf life is about 3 months for this honey.

The recipe for the garlic honey came from a lovely little used book I got off of amazon called Herbal Remedies by Hedley.  I really like it because the remedies listed are easy to make, straight forward, diverse, and has great step by step pictures.  This book is no longer in print, but you can get a copy for about $5 used on amazon right now.  Snatch one up!  You can find it HERE!

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration on the honey (herbal infused). I started eating local honey 4 years ago and its really helped, especially my sinus /allergies. I love that honey was used as far back (known) by the Ancient Egyptians.