Friday, June 7, 2013


Our new little arrival is almost 7 weeks!  Time is flying by and I am finally getting to the point where I can do a little more these days.  Today, I am making a big batch of pesto from loads of basil we got over the past week from our local CSA.

We love pesto.  I enjoy adding other greens to our pestos.  Today, I am adding some cilantro and parsley.  Cilantro is an excellent detoxing green and I love to use it fresh, especially in salads and pestos.  Parsley is an excellent source of minerals.  These both add a delicious taste to pestos and I'm looking forward to enjoying ours this weekend.

A few other greens I have added are arugula, radish greens, and mitzuna.  Have some fun experimenting with different greens to come up with some fresh zippy pestos you and your family can enjoy!

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