Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Book is Scheduled for Release TOMORROW!!

I am SO SO very excited to announce that a cookbook I have been working on for a few years with my sister Christy, at Whole Foods on a Budget, is finally ready to be released!!!

We have poured ourselves into this book and it is scheduled to be on sale on Kindle tomorrow.  Our hardcopy version will be available in just a few weeks, just in time for Christmas!  Stay tuned for more info tomorrow about some fun giveaways we will be doing to celebrate the release of our book!

So, what is our cookbook about?
Whole Foods for the Everyday Cook is a cookbook filled with over 100 recipes useful for everyday cooking. All recipes are whole foods based. Our idea behind the book was to provide a springboard for healthier eating. We wanted to provide a resource that makes it easy and inspiring to eat healthfully.

We have some very simple recipes that are especially useful for busy times when you hardly have the time to cook and for those of you who may be new to the kitchen. We also have basic recipes that are perfect for regular day-to-day cooking--not too much time involved, not too many steps. We've also included a few more advanced recipes for when you have to the time to experiment and explore new ways of cooking and baking.

Our Photos

There is a gorgeous, professional photograph (by Jonalee Earles) for nearly every single recipe in our cookbook. Photos were very important to us, and we wanted beautiful ones and lots of them. I am always more inspired when I can see a picture of what I am trying to make.

How to Buy
As I said at the beginning, our cookbook goes on sale TOMORROW, Wednesday, November 13th! Tomorrow I will be posting first thing in the morning with links to our e-book and lots more details...including some giveaways!! So stay tuned, and come back to visit tomorrow!