Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

I know, the name is not the most appealing thing in the world.  It took me a little while to jump in and decide to give it a try.  But, I am SO happy that my family is taking it consistently these days.  I have noticed since starting it, that we have stayed healthier as a family and when someone has started to feel sick or has come down with something, the recovery time is much quicker.

Thankfully, since this winter has started, we have only had one cold (the hubs) and his recovery has been super speedy; even he was surprised at the difference.  I know that it is not entirely the cod liver oil, but I think it is a big player!  We have also focused on taking frequent doses of elderberry syrup, LOTS of handwashing, keeping sugar consumption low and none when we are out in public (sugar lowers your immune system for about 4 hours after consuming), and taking our daily Sealogica.  I also throw in some Green's Mix for the whole family along with Herbs for Kids herbal supplements as needed for my son, along with a few other things.

I would highly encourage you to give the fermented cod liver oil a try.  It comes in liquid or capsules, and you can get the liquid flavored.  My 3 year old actually gets excited to take his every day.  I give him his with a little spoonful of jam.  My husband takes the capsules, and I brave the plain liquid.  It's really not that bad (just hold your nose and have something to eat right after).

You can find the fermented cod liver oil HERE.  (I am not an affiliate, I just really like this product.)

I really liked THIS post by Balanced Bites.  It includes a lot of information about the benefits of fermented cod liver oil, along with recommend doses.

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