Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Essential Oil Review for J&M Botanicals Essential Oils...

Finding high quality, organic essential oils can be a bit of a challenge these days.  Essential oils can be amazing, healing tools and it's important to buy from companies that carry high quality oils.  I'm very excited to do a review of J&M Botanicals and the new line of organic essential oils they now carry.

I was sent a sampling of six essential oils and they are lovely!  Their scent is bright, clean, and fresh.  The key pieces of information a consumer needs before purchasing can be found with each oil.   The buyer can clearly see the country of origin, parts used, organic status, method of distillation and more.

Another report that is included is the GLC analysis.  This allows the buyer to see the chemical constituents that make up the essential oil, which can be a helpful tool in picking out a high quality, unadulterated oil.

J&M Botanicals is a small company and able to have a direct relationship with their producers of their oils, which is very important.  They know how their farmers and distillers are producing these essential oils. If you are looking for high quality essential oils, I can highly recommend buying from J&M Botanicals.

A fun feature that J&M Botanicals includes with the description of most of the oils is a practical project using the essential oil, from foot powder to citrus kitchen scrub, lavender skin soothing spray and many more!

An added bonus is a free 8 week mini-course that can be sent to you by email.  This course includes a short lesson, a featured essential oil, tips and safety information, and projects and uses for the featured oil; and it's FREE!  Click HERE to sign up.

To learn more about J&M Botanicals, click HERE, and enjoy not only their line of essential oils, but their high quality skin and body products.  J&M Botanicals is also associated with Vintage Remedies, a company that is dedicated to helping others learn about natural health.  If you are interested in learning more about aromatherapy, they have a new distance learning program called Foundations of Aromatherapy, which you can read more about HERE.

(Disclosure:  I am an affiliate for Vintage Remedies.  Using my link is like saying "thank you" and a way to support this blog.)

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