Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Early Puberty in Girls - Why This is NOT a Healthy Trend

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!  We had a very relaxing and enjoyable "Staycation" and it was so nice to spend time together doing fun things (mostly at home) and avoid all the holiday rush!

Today I want to share an article that came out by one of my favorite herbalists (who is also a physician!), Aviva Romm.

In this article, she discusses the alarming new trend of early puberty amongst young girls, where girls, as early as 7, are starting to experience body changes.

This is alarming on a number of fronts, for not only is this emotionally effecting girls, it is having a bad effect on their long term health.  Early puberty puts girls more at risk for hormone related cancers, fibroids, endocrine disruption, and other issues.

Aviva discusses some simple steps you can take to avoid this from happening in your daughter.  Please take a few minutes to read this brief article and pass it on to anyone you know who has a young daughter.

If you do not have a daughter, this is still a good read!  I have a little boy, but still follow the healthy tips that Aviva lists such as an organic whole foods diet and avoiding environmental toxins.  I have always been concerned about the flame retardants that are in children's clothes/PJ's and dress my little guy as organically as possible, including organic bedclothes and mattress.  Keeping our children as chemical free as possible is so important in their healthy development.

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