Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Einkorn Grain Cookies...

Let's face it!  Sometimes life just gets too busy to be able to cook everything ideally or to cook everything, period!

I am definitely in one of those seasons of life.  I try to chose the best alternatives and keep my eyes open for great options.
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We have been in the potty training season for a little while with my son.  I have not had the time to bake little rewards for him, but was not super happy with the store cookies and crackers, even the organic ones, until we tried Jovial's Einkorn Grain Cookies.

I love these cookies for several reasons.  First being, they are not super sweet.  Made as a traditional European cookies, they are packed full of flavor, but low on sugar.  Second, they use einkorn grain.  You can read more about this heirloom grain HERE.  We have recently almost exclusively switched over to this grain as a family.  Third, they use organic palm oil, which I highly prefer over oils like canola and sunflower that are often used in organic processed foods.

While this has been a great "potty treat" for my son, I have to confess I've been enjoying them too!

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