Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yellow Dock - An Iron Rich Tea

As I have been recovering from my miscarriage, I have been looking for natural sources of iron to take to make sure I do not become anemic.  Yellow dock root is an excellent source of iron and can easily be made into a tea.  Because it is a root, it needs to be made as a decoction, which means that it needs to be simmered to extract all it's healing properties.  Please read my post HERE for complete instructions on how to make a simple decoction.  I often combine yellow dock root with burdock and dandelion roots and brew all three together.

Yellow Dock,  Rumex crispus
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Not only is yellow dock rich in iron but it has other benefits that include:

*cleansing the blood
*cleansing the liver
*cleanses the digestive system
*can act as a mild laxative
*can help to clear acne and eczema
*improves the function of the kidneys and lymph
*rich in vitamins and mineral which include iron, calcium, and magnesium

If you have any medical conditions or are nursing or pregnant, always talk with your practitioner before starting any herbs.  And as with all herbal remedies, I recommend rotating through your herbs.

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